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Since 2005, we have been dedicated in bringing you the best parental control software reviews to protect your family online by restricting access to inappropriate websites and programs, monitoring e-mails, chat and IM conversations to protect your family from sexual predators, controlling when and how long uses are able to access the Internet and to find out what you families habits are online.  Many think this is invading their families privacy while others have used this state of the art technology to save a family members life, determine if sexual predators are trying to lure your child to them or even prevent a life changing experience by blocking exposure to freely accessible hardcore adult content.


Many parents don't realize that there is a very dangerous side to the Internet.  From sexual predators chatting to your kids, the latest techniques to building bombs, free blogs sharing child pornography and millions of free online adult sites, your children are being exposed to content that can effect them for the rest of their lives.  The bad news is..... most are free.

IamBigBrother -is a leading internet monitoring software available for both homes and business. IamBigBrother runs in stealth mode where it is not detected by the user of the computer. It captures everything from full chat conversations  and instant messages to email, web sites, screenshots and much more for only $29.95! Learn more about IamBigBrother Parental Control Software
Spector Pro's features and graphics are both impressive and very well designed. Spector Pro by SpectorSoft offers advanced monitoring features that allows you to record e-mail, chats, passwords, user names, web sites visited, along with anything else that has to be typed. Spector Pro also provides screen shots of what the user is viewing. Websites as well as Instant Messengers can be blocked.   Learn more about Spector Pro Parental Control Software
Safe Eyes is one of the best parental control software programs to block porn, adult content, and 35 categories of content.  Also you can monitor and block chat sessions, control when and how long each user is allowed on the Internet, block access to software programs and much more. Safe Eyes has been rated #1 by independent studies and now partnered with Microsoft and Dell!  Learn more about Safe Eyes Parental Control Software
DISCLAIMER: All monitoring products are intended for use on a computer that you own. In addition, if the person you want to monitor is 18 or older, you must tell them they are being monitored to comply with law. Please check all laws before use
PC Tattletale is well known throughout the parental control and monitoring industry, with years of experience and excellent software to prove it. PC Tattletale is a PC based software that quietly runs in the background to monitor and record chats, emails, websites, screenshots and block access to inappropriate content to ensure your children are safe on the Internet.  Learn more about PC Tattletale Parental Control Software
Rated as one of the best parental control software programs. Read our full review of Sentry Home Parental Controls.  This software will restrict, monitor and block your children from accessing inappropriate websites, sexual predators and chats.  Control how long and when they go online.  100% web based application. Create accounts for each user and much more!  Learn more about Sentry At Home Parental Controls
Although the products below are currently not in our top 5, but they are still great choices!
Refog is well known for its remote access capabilities.  Refog records and stores all information online so you can view it from anywhere in the world at almost "real time". Refog records keystrokes, emails, screenshots, websites visited, chat conversations, programs accessed and even dynamically filters Internet content based on keywords and url's.   Learn more about Refog Keylogger Software
Advanced Parental Control - offers quite a few features that make it stand out from some of the others.  Not only do you have access to parental control features such as Internet filtering, monitoring and recording of keystrokes, websites and screen shots, but Advanced Parental Controls allows you to control if the user can access system features such as the start-up menu, system properties, task bar, control panel and much more.  Learn more about Advanced Parental Control Software.
Safe Eyes
One of our newest and proudest additions is SpyAgent.  SpyTech offers several leading software titles to protect, monitor, filter and record data.  SpyAgent, although considered a Spy and monitoring software offers many features to protect your family online.  With SpyAgent, you can filter Internet content, block or monitor chats and websites visited, record emails, chat sessions, keystrokes screenshots and much more. Learn more about SpyTech SpyAgent Software
Spector Pro
PC Tattletale
Net Nanny parental controls is one of the leading choices for parents who want to ensure their families safety on the Internet.  It combines a complete solution to block, monitor and protect.  NetNanny allow you to customize each users ability to search online, chat, instant message and access programs.  You can also control when and how long each user is able to access and use the internet and much more.   Learn more about Net Nanny Parental Control Software
Net Nanny
Sentry Parental Controls

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