DISCLAIMER: All monitoring products are intended for use on a computer that you own. In addition, if the person you want to monitor is 18 or older, you must tell them they are being monitored to comply with law. Please check all laws before use
If you are looking for a great parental control software program that will protect your family online without all the extras, then Safe Eyes is an excellent choice.  Rated #1 by numerous independent companies and partnered with Microsoft and Dell, Safe Eyes makes internet safety a breeze.  Here are the features:

Web Blocking
Web Blocking With Safe Eyes, you are in control. You have the ability to customize the content you want to filter. And if there is more than one user on your computer, you can individualize what each user can access. Trust Safe Eyes to give you control over the content that comes into your home or office. Blocking by Category Safe Eyes has 35 website categories that you can filter. These categories include everything from pornography to e-commerce. You decide what is appropriate (or inappropriate) for each user.

Accessing the industry's most extensive database, Safe Eyes works with you to decide what to filter and what to allow. Blocking Words on Search Engines Search engines are reliable tools to get to where you want to go on the Internet. Yet they can also lead to sites that should be avoided. Safe Eyes limits the ability to access certain sites by blocking key words and key phrases from being searched. Safe Eyes can be customized for individual users and can even block key words in foreign languages. Control Your Filtering List In addition to the 35 categories that can be filtered, Safe Eyes allows you to control access to specific websites. So, if there are only a handful of sites you want your children to access, you can specify where they can go. You can't be everywhere your kids are, but Safe Eyes allows you to know where they can go on the Internet.

Time Limits
Much like watching television, time spent on the Internet can pass quickly. Safe Eyes allows you determine how much time on the web is appropriate. Time Control allows you to set a fixed amount of time each user can access the Internet, as well as the time of day that you want the Internet to be available. It's another way you can trust Safe Eyes.

Limit Time Online
You allocate the amount of time each day that a person can have access to the web. And Safe Eyes allows you to set different time limits for different users. Once a user's time limit has been reached, Safe Eyes ends access to the web and ensures that the user cannot regain access. Because the system clock is on the Safe Eyes server, the clock can't be tampered with. However, with the flexibility that Safe Eyes offers, the administrator can extend access time if it is needed. Schedule Internet Usage You not only can determine how long the Internet can be accessed, but also during what time periods. Safe Eyes lets you schedule the time of day that each user can log on to the web. With the usage clock housed on the Safe Eyes server, you can trust that the times you set are the times the Internet is available. And the flexibility of Safe Eyes allows you to change those times as the administrator.

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Instant Message and Chat Security
Safe Eyes records and saves IM conversations so that parents can review them at a later time. Just as importantly, parents can share the IM reports with their children and establish an open dialog about this fun and innovative technology. Reviewing the reports as a family provides ongoing opportunities for parents to teach their children about online safety. From avoiding online predators to using appropriate language to dealing with suggestive and sexual comments, Safe Eyes' IM reporting feature provides much-needed accountability to ensure safety and encourage responsibility. If parents prefer, they can block the use of all IM programs with just a few key strokes.

Instant Alerts
Safe Eyes is designed to serve the needs of you and your family.  For some, that means the ability to know when access to inappropriate sites is attempted. With Safe Eyes Instant Alerts, you can be quickly notified by email, text message, or telephone.   It might be any time someone tries to access a blocked site, or it might be after a predetermined number of attempts. You decide what amount activity warrants your awareness and that's when Safe Eyes alerts you. Chances are, you don't want a call at 2 o'clock in the morning. Perhaps you do. You decide how and when you want to receive the Safe Eyes alert. You can even arrange for multiple notifications. With Safe Eyes, you decide.

Program Blocking

Safe Eyes allows you to control the applications that are allowed to communicate from your computer out to the Internet. Using this feature allows you to control your privacy while ensuring that no illegal activity (like music swapping) occurs. You can use Safe Eyes to block a range of applications such as instant messengers, media players, newsgroups, email, FTP, and more. If what you want to block is not in the default list, you can add an application to block.  With the growth of peer-to-peer file sharing, Safe Eyes provides tighter control of these applications to help you avoid illegal swapping, and helping protect your privacy.

Safe Eyes Screen Shot

Superior Web Blocking Technology (Over 35 Categories)
Record and Monitor Instant Messaging With Reports
Control and Monitor Each User's Time Spent Online
Control and Block Each User's Email Environment
Record Activities on Social Networking Sites Like FaceBook
Control What Applications Each User Can Access On PC
Logging Reports Can Be Saved Either Online Or On Your PC
Customize When Or If You Get Alerted Via Email, Text or Phone

SafeEyes Software Review

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