Sentry Total Family Protection Parental Controls

DISCLAIMER: All monitoring products are intended for use on a computer that you own. In addition, if the person you want to monitor is 18 or older, you must tell them they are being monitored to comply with law. Please check all laws before use
Monitor Instant Messages

Filter & Block Websites

Playback Day's Activity

Recieve Instant Alerts 

Real-Time Computer Control 

Complete Time Controls 

Know All Application Used 

Installs On 3 Computers

Web Based Control Panel

Stealth Mode

Sentry Total Protection
ONLY $29.95!
Logs Every Website

Blocks Any Website

Screenshots of Visited Websites

Website Text Analysis

Website Code & Link Analysis

White List & Black List for URLs

White List & Black List for Keywords

Filters By Categories

IM/Chat Filtration

Monitor and Log All IM Conversations

Filter Chat Conversations

Cross-Out Bad Words (Optional)

Don't Deliver Bad Words (Optional)

Block and Allow Specific Online Friends

Close IM Window On Violation (Optional)

Notification & Alerts When Child Visits An Inappropriate Website

When Child Has An Inappropriate Conversation

When Child Opens An Instant Messenger

When Child Opens Web Browser

Receive Alerts Via Email

Automatic Updates

US-Based Technical Support

Installs On 3 Computers
Receive Alerts Via Text Message

Receive Periodic Reports & Summarys

Web-Based Controls Access to All Logs

Ability to Modify Settings

Manage Multiple Computers

Disable Programs By Name

Disable Programs By Category

Log Every Program Opened/Closed

Set Computer Usage Time Limits

Set Internet Connection Time Limits

Instant Settings Updates To Computer

Ability to Turn Computer Off

Ability To Restart The Computer

Ability to Lock Child's Computer

Real-Time List of Opened Programs

Remote Administration

Real-Time View of Child's Desktop

"TIVO"-like Recording Feature

Remotely Chat with Child's Computer

File Transfers To/From Child's Computer

Keyboard & Mouse Controls

Additional Features

Stealth Mode Firewall & Spy-ware "Friendly"

Technology Free
Features and Benefits List
Sentry Parental Controls Total Family Protection is more than the average parental control product, offering parents full control and monitoring of their child’s Internet and computer activity.

With Sentry Parental Controls Total Family Protection, parents can track every instant message (IM) conversation, website visited and application used on their child’s computer. Parents can also control the amount of time their child can use the computer and connect to the Internet. Parents can even control your child’s keyboard and mouse, transfer files, lock and even reboot the computer  from anywhere.

Similar to software products such as GoToMyPC and PCAnywhere, Sentry allows parents to connect to their child’s computer from anywhere. Parents can instantly access files, programs, email, and networking from any web browser or java enabled wireless device in real time. Never before has a parental control software product been so robust.

How does it work?

1.  Install the software on the computer that you want to monitor.  (Includes 3 licenses for 3 computers)

2.  Go online and log into your account where all information is stored for you only!

3.  View all computer activity or make changes from anywhere in the world!

All information is accessed through your password protected online account.

The learning curve for this software is longer than most, but the features are unbeatable!

ONLY $29.95!

Works on Windows XP and Vista!