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Here are just a few staggering facts:

       22 percent of married men have strayed at least once during their married lives.

       14 percent of married women have had affairs at least once during their married lives.

       More than 266 adult sites are added every day.

       31% of people have had an online conversation that has led to real-time sex.

       37 percent of at-work Internet users in the US had visited an X-rated Web site from work.

       Internet misuse at work is costing American corporations more than $85 billion in loses.

How Will Spy and Monitoring Software Help Me?

Remote Monitoring - With most spy and monitoring software, all the information that has been recorded is stored online for your viewing at any time from anywhere.  That way you don't have to log onto the users computer to view what they do online.   Simply go online, login with your username and password and all the information will be neatly organized for your viewing from any computer in the world with an Internet connection.  Our recommended software for this feature is WebWatcher.

Chat and Instant Message Recording - Easily read chat conversations from all the popular chat programs such as AOL, MSN and MySpace.  This feature will record every word typed from both sides of the conversation and save it for your viewing.  WebWatcher offers one of the best chat and Instant Messenger monitoring and recording software available.

KeyLogger - Record and store every keystroke typed.  This includes user names and passwords.  It does not matter if they are online or offline.  Every keystroke typed is logged into a easy to read report.

Screen SnapShots - The spy and monitoring software will automatically take snapshots of the users screen.  Most programs allow you to control how often the snapshots are taken such as every 30 seconds or every 30 minutes.  This allows you to see exactly what they see

Record Emails - Every email typed or received will be recorded and stored for your viewing.  Nothing gets past these software programs.

Record Programs - Record every program (or application) run on the computer you are monitoring. Know exactly what programs they access and how they use them.

Stealth - Most spy and monitoring software give you the option to run them in stealth mode so the user has no idea it is on the computer and they are being monitored.

What We Recommend

Whether you decide to go with one of the spy and monitoring programs we have on our site or any other, try it first.  Some may offer free trials while others will give you a tour of the product.  Because these programs are all so different, make sure you get the one that works best for you and your family. 
DISCLAIMER: All monitoring products are intended for use on a computer that you own. In addition, if the person you want to monitor is 18 or older, you must tell them they are being monitored to comply with law. Please check all laws before use
Webwatcher Software
Spy and monitoring software records and stores all activity a user performs online and offline.  This includes recording every keystroke including user names and passwords, recording all instant messaging from both sides such as MSN, AOL, Yahoo, MySpace and more.

They also record all emails sent and received, websites visited, files transferred, take snap shots of the users screen at random intervals, records all program activity and some software such as Webwatcher allows you to see this information in real time from anywhere in the world! 

So if you are curious to know what your spouse, family or employees are doing online and offline, you can guarantee you will learn everything you need to know with WebWatcher.
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