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Parental Control Software - 7 Things You Must Know to Stop Online Child Predators
DISCLAIMER: All monitoring products are intended for use on a computer that you own. In addition, if the person you want to monitor is 18 or older, you must tell them they are being monitored to comply with law. Please check all laws before use
Over the last few years we have been bombarded with news and programs on television about the attack on our children from pornographers, pedophiles and child abusers thru our home computers. We are led to believe that the parental control filters provided by our internet providers is sufficient to thwart these people from entering the sanctuary of our homes. Before we accept the promotional material from any software or internet provider claiming the ultimate protection from these attacks we need to understand 7 functions of the parental control software in order to make the proper and correct choice.

Portals Protected
Most internet providers provide parental control software. There are a number of vendors that provide software off-the-shelf claiming to provide protection for our children. There are almost 66,000 portals by which a pornographer, pedophile or predator can have access into our computer with images and messages. Information entering our computer is encrypted and may be directed to enter these portals at random. Most generic information enters thru one or two common portals or doors. Unfortunately, the most highly rated parental control software package only watch these two doors. When reviewing which software to use be sure to require that the software monitor all portal coming into the computer.

Libraries --
Images and messages are monitored by matching them against libraries contained within the software. The libraries contain words, phrases, slogans, website addresses and that we want monitored. Most generic software has a limited library of common terms. We can add to the library terms that we want protected such as our address, phone number, personal name, his school and websites that we do not want our child to have access to. Effective software contains a library that is built by a law enforcement agency using terms, slogans and phrases commonly used by pedophiles, predators and pornographers. It is difficult to stop website access since these individuals can quickly change there website addresses which circumvents your parental controls. This is another reason that the software must monitor all the portals coming into the computer so that unwanted images can be stopped.

Active and Stealth Mode --
Effective software will provide you the ability to monitor in active or stealth mode. Active mode causes the software to take action that the user of the computer is notified of. Stealth mode operates quietly in the background providing information only to the administrator or parent. Most generic software does not have this capacity.

Remote Management --
Remote management allows the parent to have access to the computer and parental controls from anywhere in the world. Most generic software packages does not allow this. This is important for many reasons. A simple example to consider: consider that you are on a trip and your teenage daughter is doing a study on breast cancer. This term would normally activate a proactive software solution. Using remote management you would have the capacity to temporarily allow access for your daughter to conduct her research.

Proactive vs. Reactive --
All software and parental controls record events that violate the policies that you make on the use of the computer. Images of the screen is often taken and recorded for later review by the parent. The problem arises is that the damage is often done by the time a parent or administrator has time to review the files, if in fact they are reviewed at all. Effective software proactively monitors all activity on the computer and ceases the activity at the time of the offense. This is very important. Consider your child is having an innocent conversation on instant messaging with an unknown person who happens to be a pedophile. The pedophile asks a question which triggers an offense in the monitoring software. Reactive software simply records the event for your review at a later time and does nothing about the offense. The conversation continues which is the last thing most parents want to happen. Proactive software notifies your child that an offense occurred and turns off the application which ceases the communication. Seek only software that is proactive. No term, slogan, phrase, word or image should be allowed on the screen of the computer against the wishes of the parent or administrator.

User Management --

The software must be able to identify the user of the computer. Each user of the computer should be profiled in the software. This will allow flexibility for parents to have access to the computer which would not be allowed for their child. Generic software packages do not allow each user to have individual profiles.

Monitored Applications --
Generic software packages and parental controls provided by internet providers monitor only a few applications on your computer such as email and web surfing. Pedophiles, predators and pornographers commonly use instant messaging, peer to peer file sharing and office applications to bypass these controls. Effective monitoring should monitor anything that is presented on the screen of the computer regardless of its source.
Generic parental control software provided by internet providers as well as most off the shelf software is not effective stopping the assault on our children. Pedophiles, predators and pornographers are using every trick in the book to reach our children. I hope this information helps you make an educated decision to protect your family.

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David Lott is a concerned parent suffering from the assault on his children by online pornographers. For an effective solution to combat the growing attack on our children please visit and review Cyber Sentinel 3.0.

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