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DISCLAIMER: All monitoring products are intended for use on a computer that you own. In addition, if the person you want to monitor is 18 or older, you must tell them they are being monitored to comply with law. Please check all laws before use
IamBigBrother Parental Control Software
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IamBigBrother Screen Shot Recorder
This shows a thumbnail of all screen shots captured. In IamBigBrother, you can click on any of the thumbnail images to view in normal size.  Also, more information is given such as when the screen was captured and if it was captured by time interval or by a work typed.   The setting menu on the contol panel will allow you to set how often you want your pc to take snap shots.  The following intervals are available: 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, 60min or never.  It can also be set to take snap shots of the users screen when he/she types specific keywords that you set.  For instance, if you want IamBigBrother to take a snapshot every time the word "sex" is entered, then you would enter sex as one of the keywords in the settings.
IamBigBrother Screen Shot Recorder
Visit IamBigBrother official website.

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IamBigBrother Screen Shot Recorder
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